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Alleppey Boat Race
We have seen that the kingdoms in and around Alappuzha made use of various kinds of boats, many of those kingdoms were based on temples, naturally. These Alappuzha Chundan Vallom ( Snake boat) is considered as a holy material among the Alappuzha backwater villages.After the kingdoms and words, democracy came into exit in Alappuzha .And these boats gave up their relevance as military boats. They never disappeared in to thin air after loosing their role, not withstanding, they became luxurious sports boats. Since time immemorial Alappuzha backwater villages are very much fond of boats and boat races.

The pandemic backwaters, coconut lagoons, rivers, all would feast a spell over human eyes. It always stimulates the human fancy. On the backdrops of Alappuzha backwaters and lagoons, an Alappuzha snake boat, Alappuzha 'Chundan vallam' gives limitless joy. Kerala 'Chundan vallom'was never prepared to get off when they had lost their such status and reputation.

The Kerala boat race is mainly meant for Alappuzha snake boats but all kinds of Alappuzha backwater boats are included in the race. The Alappuzha boat race is for The Nehru trophy. It is often called as the Nehru trophy boat race. As we have seen the Alappuzha snake boats are huge vessels of more than 35-40 meters in length with more than. 100 men and their huddles make powerful ripples as more than 100 oars falling in Alappuzha backwaters at a time so it is to sail on deep waters not in shallow waters. So a race for Kerala Chundan vallom- Kerala snake boats is possible only in a wide spreading, deep water body. Kerala backwater racing track is an exact destination for the Kerala boat race. Boat races are common in the world but these types of long Alappuzha snake boat races are very rare.

So, we have known that from very old days boat races are conducted in Alappuzha backwaters, annually during the south west monsoon occasion. The then Prime minister of India, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru happened to visit the boat race event. Having seen the royal Alappuzha snake boat, he was delighted. It was the snake boat named 'Valiya Divanji'claimed the cup. Mr. Nehru jumped into the boat and presented a trophy. The miniature of an Alappuzha snake boat. Then after the Alappuzha Punnamada backwater race is known also as 'The Alleppey Nehrutrophy boat race'. The Alleppey backwater boat race is actually a cluster of boat races of various kinds. This include , the Alleppey backwater 'Chundan vallom'( Snake boat), the Alappuzha 'veppu vallom', The Kerala 'Oodi vallam' , The Kerala 'Iruttukuthi Vallom" or the kerala "Prunthu Vallom' and The Kerala Churulan Vallom'.For years, usually sixteen Kerala 'Chundan Vallom'(Snake boat) have been taking part in the Kerala backwater boat race. A good many are god's named, a few others are subjected to great leader's names and a fewer are named which equate to the names of Alappuzha backwater villages.
Kerala 'Chundan valloms' or Kerala snake boats which usually take part in Kerala boat race are:

Karichal ,Valiya divanji,Chambakulam,Nadubhagam,Puligunnu,Saint George ,Sree Ganesh ,Alappuzha Boat race Illickal,Payipadu ,Kalloparamban ,Karuvatta
The Kerala boat race is a true destination for peace and relax when one feels himself like a fish out of water in this life of hectic humanity. The kerala backwater boat race is an event which is few and far between. June –July south west monsoon rains cats and dogs over Kerala backwaters and it is the time to perform The kerala 'Chundan vallomkalli' ( Kerala snake boat race ) in a big way.
All of these Kerala snake boats have a rich tradition. Kerala snake boats are not equal in length. It is not the length that matters while you race a heavy long Alappuzha snake boat on Alappuzha backwaters. It is the skill and ability that matter. If we see through the history of Alleppey boat race, we would find that it is not the longest Alappuzha snake boat which won the Alappuzha boat title many times .An Alappuzha backwater snake boat can carry up to 95-120 sailors.
  The Alappuzha snake boat race date and view
The world famous Alappuzha backwater snake boat race is conducted in the Alappuzha backwater which is situated in southern India. It is 95 K.M from Cochin International Airport and 151 K.M from Thiruvanathapuram. Alleppey dosen't have an aerodrome but a railaway station serves the tourists. It is only 5K.M from the famous Alappuzha backwaters. A bus station of transport corporation is only about 500 meters

From June – September the southwest monsoon showers over Alleppey backwaters and lagoons and rivers. All water bodies get filled with water. Two months of heavy rain makes the Alappuzha backwaters beautiful and deep. Usually the Alleppey snake boat race is conducted on the second Saturday inevery August. Actually from the very beginning of the south west monsoon the Alappuzha boat race starts-hiring of boats, Sleeting rowers for the boats. Raising of funds for practice session in backwaters, rivers, and even shallow waters. Boat clubs are in the path of rejuvenation in and around Alappuzha.
One week before the Alappuzha backwater boat race all backwater villages are switched on to a festival mood. Practice session of the boat clubs horripilate the shores. The long green coconut palm leaves are chowries.
The Alappuzha backwater is fully occupied with Alappuzha snake boats, and all types of Alappuzha luxury racing boats in the previous night of the race itself .The night wakes up with its thousands of eyes with crowd and cries.
At the crack of the dawn itself, people come in group or alone. The whole Alappuzha and its neighboring districts are crowded. So it can be concluded as the Alappuzha backwater boat race for 'Nehrutrophy' is conducted every year in Alappuzha backwaters at 14.00Hrs and ends by 18.30Hrs.

16 Alleppey snake boats, usually race for the title. They are divided into 4 groups/heats, each contain 4 Alappuzha snake boats will be qualified for the finals. The boats which finish second will throw their paddles for the second. There will be losers final too.

After a long practice session the boats and boat clubs return home only to come next year to manifest such a joyful event.

The coconut palms perform carol and the Alappuzha backwaters are obliged.

Most among these Alappuzha snake boats were designed and built by the famous architect " Sri. Narayanan Achari". He dedicated his life to Alappuzha and backwaters and backwater snake boats. We express our regard before his living memory.

A few boat clubs claimed hat-trick tittles. The Alappuzha backwater snake boat, the Karichal Chundan is the most time winner in the Alappuzha backwater snake boat race