Alappuzha is a different geographical location, a landscape dominated by water. Our relationship with water is outstanding. As the case may be, Alappuzha villages has mastered in designing various kinds of boats which is a vital factor of their survival. Amazing range of boats can be found in and around Alappuzha. It ranges from rice barges to duck growers magic wherry. Huge rafts are being used here to ferry even automobiles! In short our heritage and water bodies survive as thick as thieves.
We often say, we possess unique tradition with water, you know warships are there, but freshwater military boats can be seen here only. In olden days, kingdoms in and around Alappuzha used to convey their military through backwaters and rivers in Alappuzha. They used various kind of military boats. Those war boat engineering was amazing and we still keep it. Artocarpus tree (artocarpus indicus) is a native of Alappuzha and various species of this huge evergreen trees are seen here. This artocarpus wood is used to build all kind of Alappuzha traditional boats. The well known coconut palm fiber is used to fasten wooden pieces as nuts and bolts are used in car so as the palm fiber is used in our kerala fresh water boat engineering. The manufacturing process of such military boats demands huge amount of man power and money, after all it need skill beyond all words.The art of transforming the matured ,old aged Artocarpus wood into a visual which floats and runs on our backwaters is well recognized.

The fabulous range of these boats differ in size, length,and load carrying capacity. These boats are well known for their beautiful shape and ornamental design. A few with yellowish in colour after a few days with water it becomes black. This is the property of the Artocarpus wood. When it becomes black it is very pretty to see it floats on Kerala backwaters royally and successfully. The very aerodynamic body of these boats enjoys lesser resistance , more over its bottom surface which is in contact with water is plained and smoothend. The unbelievable factor about these sort of boats that its displaces almost equal volume of water when it is empty and loaded. As you look at it you cannot believe that a typical military boat can carry a substantial amount of load.
When Alappuzha military boat cruise, the Alappuzha backwaters it seems, as if it were almost dipped in water and that wonderful engineering is the genius works behind its success. These are classified, technically, according to its size, use and load carrying capacity. Even if it is almost dipped in water, it can move successfully.

Once upon a time these boats ruled the Alappuzha backwaters. When the local kingdoms lost its relevance, these sort of boats had no role in military operations. When roads get developed or newly made, the importance of voyage had lost its importance in Alappuzha. Thus, various species of boats, not only military boats, huge Alappuzha rice barges had lost their role.
Even though in these days, these military boats were used, on festival days, as racing boats. It is well known that by the days of Onam, the festival of kerala, many such water races are conducted in and around Alappuzha.

We have seen that these boats are of many types are classified as:
Chundan (Snake boat),  Veppu, Oodi,  Iruttukutti (paranthu vallam), Churulan

Kerala 'Chundan vallom
We have seen that the kingdoms in and around Alappuzha made use of various kinds of boats, many of those kingdoms were based on temples, naturally. These Alappuzha Chundan Vallom ( Snake boat) is considered as a holy material among the Alappuzha backwater villages.

Since time immemorial Alappuzha backwater villages are very much fond of boats and boat races. The pandemic backwaters, coconut lagoons, rivers, all would feast a spell over human eyes. It always stimulates the human fancy. On the backdrops of Alappuzha backwaters and lagoons, an Alappuzha snake boat, Alappuzha 'Chundan vallam' gives limitless joy. Kerala 'Chundan vallom'was never prepared to get off when they had lost their such status and reputation.

The Kerala boat race is mainly meant for Alappuzha snake boats but all kinds of Alappuzha backwater boats are included in the race. The Alappuzha boat race is for The Nehru trophy. It is often called as the Nehru trophy boat race.
All of these Kerala snake boats have a rich tradition. It is not the length that matters while you race a heavy long Alappuzha snake boat on Alappuzha backwaters.
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